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#9 Teen Girl Saved From Sex Trafficking by Local Postal Worker

I recently read a chilling story about how a 40-year old postal worker in Sacramento, California heard a young girl crying behind a tree while he was out on delivery. What he came to find out, it that 16 year old, Crystal, jumped from a car where she was being sex trafficked. Postal worker, Ivan, who is a Father of 4 turned on his parenting instincts and truly was a hero to Crystal, taking her in and helping her call her Mother and the police. All it takes is ONE person to help save a life. Let that person be you.

NHTRCRead the full story at: Teen Says Postal Worker Saved Her From Sex Trafficking

If you or someone you know have been/are a victim of sex trafficking, call 1.888.373.7888 to speak with someone at the National Sex Trafficking Hotline or visit humantraffickinghotline.org.

#8 Wedding Organized for Man With Heart Failure During His Final Days

The best part about this story, is that it was organized by complete strangers! So amazing how a small community came together in under a week to help a man, Phillip, who had BBLkkW4.imgcongestive heart failure make his 3 wishes come true; one of them being, to marry his partner, Tiffany. Just a couple of days later, Phillip passed away, however, his dreams came true. Life is all about making the most out of the time that we have.

Read the full story at: Strangers Organize Wedding For a Man with Failing Heart.

What did you do today to work toward your dreams? It’s never too late to start planning.

#7 Homeless Man Lands the Job With Help From a Police Officer

carlson_phil_mcdonalds_inline_577257d2c5fcd1c2a6fc1bfb9c95d296.today-inline-large-2I’ll just leave this here! It makes me so happy when people find opportunity, especially when perfect strangers are there to help out along the way. Click the link: Police Officer Helps Homeless Man Get a Job at McDonalds to read/watch the whole news story. In summary, a police officer in Florida helps a homeless man “clean up” for an interview when they both see a job recruiter on the street…and the results are awesome.

#6 7 Year Old Boy Starts ‘Underground Railroad’ to Save Thousands of Dogs From Kill Shelters

I don’t know about all of you, but I am such an animal-lover! This news story is so cute-funny-pics-animals-900x600lovable. Follow the link for a story titled: 7 Year Old Boy Starts ‘Underground Railroad’ to Rescue over 1,000 Dogs From Kill Shelters.

The story outlines how a young boy and his Mom work together to rescue dogs from being euthanized/put-down and how far they travel to do so. They call it “Project Freedom Ride”. Amazing! Just the story I needed for a little pick-me-up today. Hope you enjoy it as well!

#5 Evidence Proves That Your Dog Cares For Your Safety and Will Run to Action

We all like to convince ourselves that our pets love us just like we love them, even though they can’t say it. Good thing they show it twice as much! Love this article about an experiment done that proves your dogs feel distressed when you are distressed and will go to extensive lengths to get you help or provide you comfort.

(side tangent: people need to be more like dogs)

xgilda-radner-i-think.jpg.pagespeed.ic.10oXrKSfHqRead the full, heartfelt article at: More Evidence That Proves Your Dog Will Do Anything to Help When You’re Distressed 



I also want to leave this resource here: My Pet Certs is a great website to register your furry lifeline as an ESA (Emotional Support Animal). Benefits include:

  • traveling on public transportation with your pet
  • housing rights – lets you live in places that have a no-pet-policy.
  • allows you to bring your pet in public (only excludes restaurants/stores)
  • allows you to feel comforted/more “at ease” with your pet
  • many other money-saving reasons

Another way to do this (the way I did it) is to get a “prescription” for an ESA – moreorless, your Doctor can write a letter stating why he/she thinks an ESA will be beneficial for you and notarize it to your apartment/leasing office/tenant/transportation – whomever.

(I am not biased – I am equally a dog AND a cat person) Hope you find this helpful!

#4 Bartender Serves Homeless Man Much More Than He Can Afford

Such a heartwarming, kind, and thoughtful article I read this morning about a homeless man walking into a restaurant asking what he can buy to eat with his only $2.00. The bartender responds by buying the homeless man much more than he could afford. Look r1l7u-bartender-serves-homeless-man-more-than-he-could-affordat the full article/news story at: Bartender Serves Homeless Man Much More Than He Could Afford.

Simple acts of kindness go a long way! Personally, making others feel good makes me feel good about myself. Try it, and pay it forward!

#3 Stranger Helps Widow Celebrate After Seeing Him Buy Gifts in a Grocery Store

This news story melts my heart and makes me so happy that someone reached out to this older man to make his night a little bit easier. In summary, the older man is buying a Gregory-Johnson-and-Jim-in-Grocery-Store-Facebookbouquet of flowers and cake to celebrate his deceased wife’s birthday. The younger man catches him in the store, asking him what he is celebrating, and it turns into so much more. Read the full article at: Stranger Helps Lonely Widow Celebrate after Seeing Flowers and Cake in his Shopping Cart.

It just goes to show how much both sides can benefit by simply asking “How are you” or making small talk. You never know what someone is going through and how much talking about it can help!

#2 Dog Pushes Disabled Owner’s Wheelchair Down the Street4E4E52C000000578-5958123-image-a-78_1531732430640

I think we can learn a lot from animals – they are so compassionate and loving! Take a look at this story and video about a dog in the Philippines pushing his owner in a wheelchair down the street. It makes sense why a dog is a man’s best friend! I wish people were as understanding, helpful, and loyal as animals show half the time. See the full video and story at : Dog Pushes His Disabled Owner’s Wheelchair Down the Street.

#1 Thanking police officers across America



I love this story about a young boy thanking police officers, who so far has traveled to 31 states to do so. Such a sweet and meaningful gesture. He first got the idea when he saw 4 police officers in his local grocery store and offered to buy them all donuts with his allowance. Check out the full article called ‘Donut Boy’ has delivered over 65k doughnuts to thank police officers across the country.

New Page!

I decided to create a new page where I want to post positive news that just make your heart say “aww”, lift your spirits a little bit, or even just to realize that there are good people in the world and good things DO happen! For some reason, only the negative “stuff” comes to light. I got this inspiration by coming across Happiful Magazine , which is a great resource! I would love to buy the subscription, however it is a UK magazine and $20 to ship international. Meanwhile, they have really great posts to read right on their website! Scrolling through social media can be draining with all of the negativity, political views, fake news, and crimes. This is a page where I just want to share all of the good things going on in the world where you can read all about it with just one click of a button!

New posts to come later this evening!

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