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Positive News! (+): Evidence That Proves That Your Dogs Want to Help When You Need It

We all like to convince ourselves that our pets love us just like we love them, even though they can’t say it. Good thing they show it twice as much! Love this article about an experiment done that proves your dogs feel distressed when you are distressed and will go to extensive lengths to get […]

Positive News! + : Stranger Helps Widow Celebrate After Seeing Him Buying Gifts

This news story melts my heart and makes me so happy that someone reached out to this older man to make his night a little bit easier. In summary, the older man is buying a bouquet of flowers and cake to celebrate his deceased wife’s birthday. The younger man catches him in the store, asking him what […]

#2 Positive News! + – Dog Pushes Disabled Owner’s Wheelchair Down the Street

I think we can learn a lot from animals – they are so compassionate and loving! Take a look at this story and video about a dog in the Philippines pushing his owner in a wheelchair down the street. It makes sense why a dog is a man’s best friend! I wish people were as understanding, […]