Pros and Cons of Using Social Media to Overcome Mental Illness

Just like a majority of people today, I also use social media daily and scroll through more often than I probably should. With growing technology we can order just about anything online and know what our friends/family/perfect strangers are doing at any given moment. As overwhelming and perhaps ‘scary’ as this sounds and has proven to […]

Statistics & Stigmas: How Mental Health Affects Men and Women Differently

There are multiple studies, theories, and opinions given as to why women and men differ in symptoms and consequences to mental health that they experience. Today I wanted to bring to light a handful of current statistics that demonstrate the difference women and men face in the world of mental illness. The question I want […]

Positive News! (+) : 7 Year Old Boy Starts “Underground Railroad” to Save Thousands of Dogs

I don’t know about all of you, but I am such an animal-lover! This news story is so lovable. Follow the link for a story titled: 7 Year Old Boy Starts ‘Underground Railroad’ to Rescue over 1,000 Dogs From Kill Shelters. The story outlines how a young boy and his Mom work together to rescue […]

Positive News! (+): Evidence That Proves That Your Dogs Want to Help When You Need It

We all like to convince ourselves that our pets love us just like we love them, even though they can’t say it. Good thing they show it twice as much! Love this article about an experiment done that proves your dogs feel distressed when you are distressed and will go to extensive lengths to get […]