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Growth Mindset

Building a growth mindset is the base to building a healthy mentality toward life, your struggles, and to finding your motivation. Some of you may have noticed the new logo of Mind Health Blog on the Instagram page, and if you haven’t, I have included it in the next paragraph! Shortly, it will be added to the design of the site that I am finishing up the final touches on. I wanted to share with you what it means to me and let you in on the vision for the website this year – briefly mentioned in my last post.

The logo displays a garden of flowers with a brain or “mind” floating above it, along with a watering can pouring over top.

The metaphor behind this is that we all should be ‘watering’ our minds daily in order to blossom, reach or full potential, and discover our true selves in the happiest way possible. “How do we ‘water’ our mind?” you might be asking. My response: do at least one thing for yourself each day. This something should be something you enjoy, something that is going to help you feel connected with yourself, and possibly something that is going to contribute to your overall success. Examples are:

-expressing yourself creatively – writing, drawing, painting, coloring, collaging, scrapbooking, etc.

-expanding your knowledge/learning – reading, researching, interviewing, documenting, etc.

-keeping your hands busy/making projects – DIY house decor, knitting, sewing, etc (closely related to creative expression)

-organizing/crossing off your to-do list – clean out the junk drawer, organize the tupperware, do all the laundry in the house, hang up new decor, call that service line you have been putting off, throw out clothes you haven’t worn in a while, donate unwanted items, etc (do these things because you know you will feel a weight lifted off your shoulders once you complete them…remember, you are doing it for you.

-physical exercise – go to the gym, youtube at home workouts, engage in a sport, try a new sport, go for a walk with music, break a personal record on a run, etc.

The bottom line and question you have to ask yourself is, how do you expect to improve your mental health and happiness if you aren’t doing things daily that connect you with yourself? We lose ourselves in the chaos and routine of working a 9-5, taking care of families, making dinner, watching TV, repeat. How static…we aren’t growing by doing the same things each day. I encourage you to participate in this Growth Mindset Challenge of 2019 by being with yourself each day for a minimum of 30 minutes – fully concentrated on one activity that you enjoy, regardless of what anyone else enjoys. Invest in contributing to your overall well-being by starting at the top – your mental health. I’d love to see you hashtag #GrowthMindsetChallenge on Instagram and tag @mindhealthblog, and hashtag the same on twitter with the tag @mindhealth_blog , adding a picture of yourself doing what you love most! Spread the word and encourage your neighbors in life.

Keep in mind, not only is growth mindset about self-care, it is also about being open minded to new aspects of life, accepting criticism, and being able to reflect positively on past events. I like to think about it as a lifestyle, not just a way of thinking.


Featured image credit: https://www.brainwaves.net/growth-mindset-stampers–growth-mindset-award/

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