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Positive News! (+): Airbnb Users Offering Free Stays for Hurricane Florence Victims

It’s so amazing to see the world coming together in a time of natural disaster and devastation for so many families. Over 300 homes in Alabama and Pennsylvania are opening up their doors for Hurricane Florence evacuees, for free! Airbnb is closely involved, stating that this option on their website will be open until October 1st, 2018.

If you are someone that wants to get involved and open your home to a family in need, visit airbnb.com/disaster and click “I can offer my space for free.” Screen-Shot-2017-10-10-at-3.18.27-PM

If you or someone you know are in need of relief from the storm, you can find a list of all free, open spaces at: Current Open Homes.

Take the time today to reflect on your health, safety, and loved ones – we never know when a natural (or unnatural) disaster will happen. I know I am counting my blessings this week and making sure I stay in contact with a family member I have in North Carolina. If any of you know anyone involved in the Carolina’s, I hope for their safety and peace of mind.   d91dc392ce4c29280329d6d36fb68902--tattoo-hearts-heart-tattoos


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