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Top 17 TED Talks on Mental Health

In no particular order, these are some of my favorite TED talks that cover a variety of different topics under the umbrella of mental health. Some dive into happiness, some hallucinations, some bipolar disorder, some depression, and some on suicide. What ALL of these have in common though is the motivation to think more positively and create a ‘spark’ to have a better mindset and make some changes upstairs. Powerful words and inspiration can go a long way! When I listen to TED talks, my favorite thing to do is take notes – literally with a pen and paper. Write down things you really liked that the speaker said that stuck with you so you can refer back to it as a sort of positive affirmation! There are many more TED talks where this list came from, so make sure you do more exploring on their website if you find that you enjoy these.

  1. All it Takes is 10 Mindful Minutes (by Andy Puddicombe)
  2. Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance (by Angela Lee Duckworth)
  3. Before I Die I Want to… (by Candy Chang)
  4. Try Something New for 30 Days (by Matt Cutts)
  5. The Voices in My Head (by Eleanor Longden)
  6. A Tale of Mental Illness – From the Inside (by Elyn Saks)
  7. Why We All Need to Practice Emotional First Aid (by Guy Winch)
  8. The Bridge Between Suicide and Life (by  Kevin Briggs)
  9. Towards a New Understanding of Mental Illness (by Thomas Insel)
  10. How to End Stress, Unhappiness, and Anxiety to Live in a Beautiful State (by Preetha Ji).
  11. Happiness is All in Your Mind (by Gen Kelsang Nyema)
  12. The Secret of Becoming Mentally Strong (by Amy Morin)
  13. Change Your Mindset, Change the Game (by Dr. Alia Crum)
  14. Getting Stuck in the Negatives (by Alison Ledgerwood)
  15. How to be Happy Every Day – It Will Change the World (by Jacqueline Way)
  16.  The Surprising Science of Happiness (by Dan Gilbert)
  17. My Philosophy for a Happy Life (by Sam Berns)



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