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Vitamin D for Mental Health

We know that there are a lot of physical benefits of taking a vitamin D supplement and getting natural vitamin D from things the sun and milk, such as: controlling calcium levels, preventing osteoporosis, reducing type 1 diabetes, and preventing cancers.

But did you know how Vitamin D can boost your mental health? Every day I have been taking a vitamin D supplement since I have learned and researched more about this.

Vitamin D actually activates certain neurons in the brain that play a major role in behavioral regulation! Likewise, vitamin D is the only vitamin that is a hormone after being transported to the liver and kidneys! In one study of adults with deficiency of Vitamin D found that people who received high doses of the supplement noticed dramatic improvements in their mood that lessened their depressive symptoms.

Benefits of Vitamin D on mental health are:

  • Increases serotonin levelsa2ca1c9329af5ccd15aef23fec996aaf-vitamin-d-deficiency-healthy-tips-1-300x279
  • Prevents symptoms of seasonal affective disorder
  • Reduces depression and anxiety
  • Reduces the chance of comorbidity of mental illnesses
  • Ensures you get enough of the vitamin in the winter time when the sun isn’t as prevalent.

There has been a lot of recent research about this topic – Another study found that rats born with insufficient Vitamin D levels had severe brain abnormalities! Pretty interesting (and scary) stuff. Next time you are at your local pharmacy or grocery store, think about picking up a vitamin D supplement and keep track of your mood for yourself! I would love to hear about how it may have helped you. Happy Labor Day, everyone!

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