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Activity: Meditation and Mantras

Upon finishing a really great book (-book review coming soon!-) I have tried meditating by using mantras that was suggested throughout the story. A mantra is ‘a sound or word repeated to aid in concentration during meditation’ commonly used in Buddhist practice.

To try this out for myself, I simply went on YouTube -during an emotional breakdown- and typed in “mantras for meditation” and BOOM! Hundreds of different videos and sound clips came up. One of my favorites is one that repeats “lengthen” where  you take a long inhale and repeat the word, then exhale while stating “let go.” Lengthen. Let Go. It was so simple yet worked SO effectively. My breathing went back to normal and I was able to relax myself. Try it for yourself! Even without the audio!

Benefits of using mantras in daily life are: 

  • reduces anxiety and depression
  • enhances self-compassionmeditation-mantras.png
  • establishes body back to regular heart rate/breathing
  • boosts immunity in the body
  • encourages empowerment
  • helps to set clear goals
  • strengthens muscle memory
  • it’s easy – and free!

*To learn more information on how to use mantras and the history behind them, go to Mantras 101: The Benefits, How to Use, and Examples.

*Remember to relax your muscles and focus on your breathing while practicing this! Enjoy!

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