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How Do You Support Mental Health?

Today I want to touch on my favorite mental health awareness clothing and accessories! This is such a great way to spread the word about mental health and get more people asking questions. Clothing is a great conversation starter for people to ask “what does your shirt mean or represent?” or “where did you get that at?” so others can support it as well. It’s a quick and easy way to lift the stigma of mental health, just by wearing it proudly and spreading education along the way.

  1. I’ll start with my favorite accessory; stickers! I recently bought stickers from another blog, titled Free and Above and absolutely love them! I put a ton all over my laptop. I’ve already had a couple people ask me about them when I go to write in my local coffeeshop (my favorite spot to blog). It was a great conversation each time and also very rewarding! (below)
  1. Another accessory that seems to be popular is a Pop Socket for your phone! I really like the “Fight the Stigma” one and the “Mental Health Matters” one! (below).
  2. Lastly, are some of my favorite tee-shirts! (below)

How are you going to spread awareness and get the conversation going? It all starts with YOU individually. Lets step up together and make a difference. Happy Saturday, everyone!

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