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Activity: Coping Cards

With a free, printable download! 

I especially love this simple activity, because essentially it’s what I teach; Coping Skills! I always advocate for positive affirmations and believe that they are so powerful for it being such a simple task.

ec94c42f7f4a23679975fdca163ec479To make them yourself, all you need is:

  • Notecards OR construction paper cut into rectangles
  • Pens or markers

Once you have your materials, all you have to do it write affirmations/reminders on them that YOU find helpful or uplifting.


Some other examples are:

  • “This moment will pass, just breathe.”
  • “Reminder, reach out to a friend – DO NOT ISOLATE”
  • “Is this going to matter in 5 years?”
  • “Is what I’m worrying about rational?”

For more examples that are already written for you and ready to print (30 of them), go to: Mental Health and Wellness Blog – Coping Cards – OR – make your own and be creative! I like laminating them and keeping them in a box or envelope in a place that is fast and easy to access, like your bed-side or office drawer.


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