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On Water and Mental Health…

Do you think you drink enough water each day? Most days I know that I don’t, but it’s something I have been consciously trying to get better at. I wanted to do some research specifically  mental health and staying hydrated, so I read an article titled: Water – a Necessity in Maintaining Mental Health to get a better understanding. After reading this, I WILL make sure I drink the recommended 8, 8oz glasses of water each day!

What I learned in summary is:

  • Dehydration impairs both mood and concentration – even causing headaches.
  • Fluid loss is detrimental to memory and plays a key role in anxiety and fatigue.
  • Our brains are composed of 70% water – which is why our mental health needs it so much.
  • Lack of enough water intake leads to depressive symptoms including apathy, sleep disturbances, and moodiness/irritability.
  • Drinking enough water clears your skin/prevents acne.

Know what to look out for! Start guzzling down some H2O when you experience:

  • Fatigue/tiredness
  • Weak muscles
  • Headaches
  • Dry eyes/nose
  • Dry mouth
  • Fogginess

**It seems like a simple task – just drink water! But we all know the struggle. Try keeping aTeal-Hidrate-Spark-Integrations_1200x water bottle with you at all times and refill it as often as you can to get in those 8 glasses a day. If you really want to get committed to drinking water and see the improvement in your body and health, try my favorite water bottle, Hydrate Spark! Its a smart-water bottle that lights up when you should drink it. I love to keep it right next to my computer when I’m working where I can see it. It even comes with an app for your phone that keeps track of how much water you drink each day so you don’t have to do it yourself! Check it out here! 

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