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Quiz: Which Area of Self-Care Are You Lacking In?

Everyone’s taken those personality quizzes on Facebook or Pinterest, right? They tell you which flavor pizza you are, what your spirit animal is, or what celebrity you are destined to marry (something bizarre and most likely, irrelevant). Sure, they’re fun and interesting, (I do those quizzes all the time, too) but it would be much more interesting to gain some information we can actually use in day-to-day life.

You get the point. I found a really interesting quiz online that gives you some insight into what are of self-care you might be struggling with, by simply answering a handful of questions about your daily routine and interests. When I took the quiz, it told me I should try indulging in soothing baths more often to relax and take my mind off things. I just might try it! I’ve never been much of a bath person, but lighting some candles, turning on music, and having a glass of wine doesn’t sound too bad!

Take the quiz at: Which Self-Care Ritual Should You Be Doing Right Now?

Comment below with what answer you got and if you DO or DON’T want to try incorporating the activity into your life more often! After all, some things aren’t for everyone.

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