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Hello Fresh: A Review

Hello Fresh = a food delivery service that mails healthy, ready-to-cook meals right to your door each week.

Making time to eat healthy is a struggle. After spending hours at the grocery store trying to find the right foods (and spending a lot of money), I figured I would give one of the ‘food boxes’ a try. You know, the ones you always see the commercials for or get ‘junk mail’ from. Eating the right foods is super important for both our mental and physical health, so you have to choose what strategy is going to work best for you.

For me, these services are great because I live in a major city where the closest grocery store is 35 minutes away. By taking advantage of these food delivery services, I get healthy foods mailed right to my door. There are several different plans you can subscribe for. I have the 2-person x4 meals/week, meaning each week I get 4 meals that can feed 2 people. You can choose from a vegetarian menu, vegan menu, or include meats if you choose. You even get to choose the specific meals you want shipped to you. What I like about it the most, is that you can skip weeks if you get ‘backed up’ with too many meals.

I decided to go with Hello Fresh, but there are a ton of reputable food delivery companies including:

I have been getting Hello Fresh delivered for about 3 months now and we love it! It fits into our busy schedules and makes cooking fun. It takes away the countless hours spent in the grocery store to find the right products, and it also makes sure that I am eating the right foods. 90% of the meals are less than 1,000 calories and I would say the average meal is right around 750 calories. how-it-works_1

Give it a try for yourself at https://www.hellofresh.com!

TIP: If you think the prices seem a little steep (like I thought at first), think about how much your average grocery bill costs. For me, in a 2-person home, my average grocery trip was around $120 every week and a half or so, when buying expensive healthy options. With Hello Fresh, we spend 80$ a week for healthy options that are conveniently delivered to us without having to drive out of the city and hauling them up the elevator to our apartment. So I encourage you to weigh your options when it comes to deciding 🙂

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