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Resilience (noun): the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties

To me, life is all about resilience in the most generic form. In other words, how we respond to events, situations, feelings, etc. determines how resilient we are, and therefore, how overall happy we are. Resilience is all about bouncing back from negative situations, responding appropriately to a dilemma, and communicating with others effectively and in a healthy way. Pretty much, resilience is all about accepting, responding, and building yourself back up to contentment.

Here is a poem I love about the topic to depict it in a better way:


There is nothing beautiful

about the wreckage of a human being.

There is nothing pretty

about damage,

about pain,

about heartache.

What is beautiful is

their strength,

their resilience.

their fortitude

as they display an ocean of courage

when they pick through the wreckage of their life

to build something beautiful brand new,

against every odd

that is stacked against them.

– Nikita Gill

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