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Is There Such Thing as TOO MUCH Self-Care?

Okay, so I have a dilemma. Obviously I am an advocate for self-care, making time to be with yourself, and connecting to the true things you enjoy in life…however, I have realized lately that I feel myself “buying into” too much self-care, and losing the real reason why I wanted to do it in the first place. Let me explain.

Within the past month or so, I have spent so much money on self-help books, prevention magazines, bath bombs, beauty products, fragrances, puzzles, planners, organizers, coloring books  and – you name it; all to help make myself feel better. I have to admit, it is working – I feel organized, ‘clean’ and overall less anxious lately. But when is enough, enough? When do I just have to let go and do only a couple self-care things at a time, instead of trying to do everything? I have to be more conscious and make sure I am doing it because I enjoy it. I want to be passionate about a few hobbies I can put my 100% effort into rather than half-assing everything all at once. I have been keeping myself so busy between working in the mental health field, researching about mental health, doing mental health self-care on my own, and blogging about mental health, that I am realizing I may burn out fast. Do one or two different things in completion each day, rather than doing everything everyday and trying to cram it all in.

Moral of the story, here’s a tip to you if you find yourself in this irony: Self-care isn’t effective if you are doing it because you think you are supposed to…self-care only works when you are choosing to do it because you enjoy the activity and feel more connected with yourself. So if you are beginning a journey into a mental cleanse or becoming more grounded to yourself, remember to take it one step at a time, and not to induce anxiety upon yourself with feeling you have to buy into all the self-care products out there. <3

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