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Declutter: (verb) to remove unnecessary items from an overcrowded space

I’ve always been a firm believer in the importance of decluttering life from time to time. I would say AT LEAST once a month I choose one of my days off to get rid of clothes I don’t wear, throw away a ton of junk mail, donate books I’m finished with, and deep clean my whole place. Yes, it’s a ton of work…but the benefits psychologically are unreal. Personally, I always feel like a weight is lifted off of me. I feel lighter, I can sleep better, and I’m more focused on what I really need in life, not the things I keep just because I don’t want to let go of it (even though I know I will never use it). For example, just a couple minutes ago I took off at least 4 keys and old gym membership tags from my car-key ring. Not only is it physically lighter to carry, but it looks neater and makes me feel less cluttered…like I only have the things I really need which is a hard experience to explain. So try it for yourself!

Check out this article that explains the science behind the benefits of decluttering: 6 Benefits of Decluttering Your Life, According to Science from bustle.com.

Another tip: If you’re getting rid of clothes, furniture, or other gently used items, I suggest trying to sell them online. Great websites include Facebook market, Poshmark, Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, and others. This way, you’re decluttering AND making money. Or donate to charity (: <3

One last thing: Since I posted a 30 Day Mental Health Challenge in my earlier post, I will leave a graphic below of a 30 Day Declutter Challenge if you want an extra challenge! It’s great to do a little bit each day, rather than taking one whole day each month to cleanse (guilty!) Decluttering goes hand-in-hand with mental health, so they will compliment one another beautifully. Happy almost-August! (Ignore the advertisements on the pic) Here it is:


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