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New Mail: Letter From Your Imaginary Friend

Imagine getting mail from your childhood (or current if you have one – no judgment) imaginary friend. What would it say? Would it be kind? blunt? honest? rude?…or would it make its only priority to uplift you, no matter what?CVkmXoaWEAAQ21D

Here’s a new exercise for us to try:

  • Write a letter to yourself from an imaginary friend. This imaginary friend provides you with unconditional love and is understanding. It knows you and all your history, and it knows your mistakes and accomplishments. Most importantly, it knows you are human and gives you the best advice to constantly build you up and help you grow.
  • Now…write about yourself from the perspective of this figurative friend (PSA: we should all strive to be this friend). Let your mind flow with kindness/compassion for yourself. Acknowledge and validate all your feelings (like a friend should) and reply with a solution/healthier way of feeling and coping.

Lets make it a priority to talk to ourselves more gently 🙂

Here’s my example:

Dear Amber,

I can tell you have been trying really hard lately to focus on yourself and be more mindful and conscious of your thoughts. I know it’s frustrating to you because you wish everyone else could see all the effort it takes sometimes, to battle with yourself. But I am proud of you and want you to know that I see it! I am proud of you for helping other people every day, and helping yourself along the way. Keep spreading positivity, because the world needs more of that! You have been working so hard to be a recreation therapist at 3 hospitals and have been juggling a ton! That must take a lot of energy…remember to make time for yourself! I am glad you have started reading and writing more. Do more of that!

Talk soon when you need another pep talk! – Imaginary Friend <3

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