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Positive News! (+): Evidence That Proves That Your Dogs Want to Help When You Need It

We all like to convince ourselves that our pets love us just like we love them, even though they can’t say it. Good thing they show it twice as much! Love this article about an experiment done that proves your dogs feel distressed when you are distressed and will go to extensive lengths to get you help or provide you comfort.

(side tangent: people need to be more like dogs)

Read the full, heartfelt article at: More Evidence That Proves Your Dog Will Do Anything to Help When You’re Distressed 



I also want to leave this resource here: My Pet Certs is a great website to register your furry lifeline as an ESA (Emotional Support Animal). Benefits include:

  • traveling on public transportation with your pet
  • housing rights – lets you live in places that have a no-pet-policy.
  • allows you to bring your pet in public (only excludes restaurants/stores)
  • allows you to feel comforted/more “at ease” with your pet
  • many other money-saving reasons

Another way to do this (the way I did it) is to get a “prescription” for an ESA – moreorless, your Doctor can write a letter stating why he/she thinks an ESA will be beneficial for you and notarize it to your apartment/leasing office/tenant/transportation – whomever.

(I am not biased – I am equally a dog AND a cat person) Hope you find this helpful!

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