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Poetry vol.2: Misconception of It All

You know those days where it feels like no-one really gets it? They say they do, but their actions show that they really don’t? Yeah…I’m having one of those days. Here is a piece that came to me so quick, I wrote it in my journal in about 2 minutes and the pen didn’t stop moving. Here is the word vomit:

What rhymes with anxiety? 


What rhymes with society? 


.                                .                             .

Silently watching like they’re at the zoo

Why does it feel like no-one has a clue?

Watching, waiting for our next “unpredictable” move

– – how about simply asking “how are you?”

.                                       .                                 .

The ONLY word I can describe it as is – melting, overwhelming, depressing, rebelling, dwelling…

.                                      .                                .

Who is there, helping? 

Who is trying to understand instead of judge? 

How about we show some compassion before we misinterpret and misjudge?

.                                 .                                  .  

Just because in the moment it doesn’t feel like anyone is listening, doesn’t mean it’s true! Emotions can feel heavy, but we have to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. People DO care, whether we want to believe it at the moment or not. Yes, I act out on my first emotion at times also, but being able to write poetry and journal allows me to ‘spill’ everything I am thinking out onto paper and therefore help me prioritize and rationalize a little bit better. When I read what I write back to myself, it all doesn’t feel so “big/heavy” as it originally did. I’ll end it on this:

Today I am grateful for:

  • Having people in my life who DO care and WILL listen, all I have to do is ask appropriately.
  • Having a job where I can help others with mental struggles.
  • Being able to rationalize my emotions better than I used to.


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