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Self-Care Magazines & Books

Yesterday I picked up a copy of the Essential Guide to Self Care by Prevention Magazine at my local CVS pharmacy. Prevention.com is a really great resource to learn about all things health, beauty, weight loss, and mental health care. I really like this website because it talks about BOTH physical AND mental health! Which are both equally as important to maintain. You can find single copies at a lot of pharmacies/stores, but you can also subscribe on their website for monthly editions!

There are a ton of self-help/self-care magazines and books out there. I am currently waiting on my order of First, We Make the Beast Beautiful: A New Journey Through Anxiety to come in the mail! Order here from the link above at Amazon to read with me! I will post a review once I read it, which I’m sure I will complete in a day, knowing how excited I am to read it!

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