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cleaning out the closet…

My previous blog post gave me some inspiration! Love when this happens. The poetry that I always love most are the ones that came to me spontaneously, without straining myself to come up with something to write.


Looking through the designer hole in the wall

Asking why I ever needed these at all.

Still with tags 70% of clothes hang

I keep them in belief I will wear them and change.

.                                           .                                             .

Looking through the hole that stores my mind

Asking why I always feel the need to rewind.

Still is my body as I sort through these thoughts.

Realizing they are all self-taught.

.                                            .                                           .

It’s not too late to return these, I reassure myself

Think about it, if you do, you will have more wealth.

As I start cleaning out the closet, I feel lighter

It’s time to start fresh, the future is brighter.


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